The history of wine in Greece is especially rich, originating as early as the 7th century BC and on throughout Classical Greece and the Roman era. The expansion of viticulture to the rest of the Mediterranean is credited to the Greeks. While other cultures at the time of the Ancient Greeks drank wine, beer or "wine" made from dates or the lotus plant was the norm. In Greece, however, wine formed the culture's identity and was worshiped in the form of the god Dionysus. Wine was so significant a factor in the trade of ancient Greek cities that many featured wine-related images on their coins.
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  • Boutari Santorini 2015

    Pale yellow in color with a distinctive aroma of citrus fruit, this well- balanced wine features full-bodied flavors of plum and fig and a long, aromatic finish. Enjoy with seafood, fish, poultry dishes. Rated 92 points by Wine and Spirits!

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  • Boutari Naoussa 2012

    Naoussa, Greece

    Balanced in mouth full-bodied with pleasant acidity and sweet flavors of vanilla, cocoa and berry.

  • Boutari Moschofilero 2015

    Mantinia, Greece

    Boutari Moschofilero is a well-balanced fresh wine, with intense flavour and long aromatic aftertaste (orange blossom, grapefruit). Grown in vineyards in the Maninia region of the Peloponnese, Greece.

    • Boutari Nemea 2015

      Nemea A.O.C., Greece

      Boutari Nemea is a wine with deep ruby color and intense aromas of red fruits marmalade, berry, cherry. The wine presents a velvet taste and a very good structure. Round and fatty with flavors of chocolate, honey and dry nuts.

      4 Products