Food & Wine Pairing Guide

Many people do not realize that pairing food with wine is not only essential to the dining experience, but it is also an art. While this process can be very thoughtful and strategic, it is not difficult to learn which wines pair well with certain foods. Often times, great food and wine pairings depend of the types of sauces on a dish. Sauce is usually the dominant element of a dish and is looking for its perfect counterpart in a great wine. In general, it's safe to match the weight, texture and intensity of the food to that of the wine. Heavy foods stand up best to more full-flavored, full-bodied wines while the more subtle, lighter dishes match up with a delicate white. The most unbeatable pairings are those that enhance the flavors of both the food and the wine.

The most exciting part of the wine experience is sampling different wines and discovering the combination of flavors that are most pleasing to your palate. Wine is a cultural experience that is supposed to be enjoyable- there is a lot to learn and you can have fun doing it!

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