The Cecchi family and brand is synonymous with viticulture, both in Italy and throughout the world.

The history of the winery is a compelling story of a family, articulated by passion, dedication to the land, and a brilliant entrepreneurial spirit. Using the strength gained from their experience of more than 100 years of love for the land, today the Cecchi family takes on the challenges of the future with that same enthusiasm.

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  • Cecchi Coevo 2011

    Tuscany, Italy

    The Coevo (contemporary) expresses the Cecchi Family's concept of elegance, style and quality. Delicate hints of wild laurel and liquorice root with a taste that is lively with deep textures and structured tannins. A balanced wine with persistent a mouthfeel that lingers into a long, supple and silky finish.

  • Cecchi Chianti Classico 2014

    Chianti Classico, Italy

    Cecchi embodies Tuscan authenticity with an emphasis on innovation and sustainability, crafting wines that showcase the pure expressions of the family’s historic vineyards. The more traditional wine style of the Cecchi Chianti Classico is balanced and clean. Try it with homemade pasta dishes, braised chicken or roasted meats.

    • Cecchi Sangiovese di Toscana 2015

      Toscana, Italy

      The unmistakable taste of the preeminent Tuscan grape. The careful selection of the Sangiovese grapes and the fermentation and ageing in steel tanks give this wine a distinct flavor of Maraschino cherry for a long-bodied luscious taste.

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      • Cecchi Chianti Classico Riserva 2014

        Chianti Classico, Italy

        The Cecchi Chianti Classico Riserva di Famigliais the wine most representative of the Cecchi family’s winemaking philosophy of showcasing purity and quality of the Sangiovese grape, and only produced in the best vintage years. Elegant and refined with flavors of dark raspberry, currants, earth and ripe red fruit.

        • Cecchi La Mora Vermentino 2016

          Maremma, Italy

          The lightness of Vermentino in harmony with the warmth of the Tuscan coast. La Mora Vermentino combines the graceful taste of the vines to a wide-ranging and material character originating from the soil and climate characteristics of the coast.

          5 Products