Friuli, Italy’s best Pinot Grigio terroir, creates wines with complexity and structure. Friuli lies in Italy’s northeastern corner and is famous for its rich and layered white wines. Nestled in the foothills of the Austrian and Slovenian Alps and tempered by the Adriatic, Friuli’s climate creates a long growing season ideal for Pinot Grigio. Unique “ponca” soil (marl and sandstones) is rich with calcium and limestone to create wines with minerality and depth.
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  • Terlato Vineyards Friulano, Friuli 2014

    Colli Orientali del Friuli, Italy

    Friulano is indigenous to Friuli Colli Orientali, located in Northwest Italy, which is ideal for wine enthusiast seeking discovery wines from prestigious DOC regions. This light gold wine has a creamy texture and full body with floral aromas and distinct pear and almond notes.

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