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Il Poggione Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Il Poggione Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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A full liter bottle of an amazing olive oil! Just as subtle differences in grape source and vinification can profoundly influence the quality of a wine, there are factors that separate great olive oils from merely good ones... and this is a great Tuscan olive oil. Great Tuscan oil can only be made from tiny yields, and by harvesting early. The Il Poggione olive harvest takes place exclusively by hand, starting mid-October until the end of November. The olives are cold pressed within 6 hours after the harvest, producing a high quality and very low acidity Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Pour this on any dish for an exhilarating treat. With a full one liter bottle you can dip and drizzle with abandon and enjoy this precious commodity!

Tasting Notes


It is intensely fruity on the nose, with aromas of olives and artichokes.


Bright green in color, it is spicy on the palate, with just a hint of bitterness.