About Us

We're busy, you're busy - so we decided to cut through the clutter and give you a unique, engaging website providing quality wines to enjoy while developing your personal wine style and preferences. Scroll, select and sip at your leisure, assured you're selecting between excellent and fabulous and nothing less.

Other wine websites are usually about as fascinating as a W-2 form. uncorked.com pours it all out for you in an informative and easy way so each person can shop as they prefer. Only the highest quality, top rate wine from renowned wine makers and acclaimed vineyards make the cut as we guide you through this purple haze.

We enjoy wine, but not the pretension often associated with it. Raised in a family that encouraged enjoying wine with meals, we were fortunate to be able to travel the world and experience a variety of food and wine cultures. We have been interns at vineyards in Australia, Italy, France and Napa Valley. Raised to celebrate food and wine with friends and family, our parents and grandparents passed their passion along to our generation. So, while many people travel the world collecting pashminas and passport stamps, we prefer to taste our way through the great wine regions in the name of research.

To complement our wine experience, we've also gathered together a team of seasoned business and internet professionals. Our sommelier friends, chefs and other experts in food and wine have helped us compile detailed resources on food and wine pairing and multiple descriptor tags for each wine. You have great taste - otherwise you wouldn't be here, so as we continue to develop this site for your unique wine tastes, we'd love to hear what they are. We took the initiative to tell you what to drink- now it's your turn to tell us what you think. Take a second and drop us an email to info@uncorked.com with feedback and suggestions.

So, consider this your personal invitation to drink, learn and live wine with us. Raise a glass and your expectations by experiencing and living wine, your way.


Your Uncorked.com Team